Beaches and Diesel Fumes

May 26th, 2010 in Blog by Chris 0
Scaling a Fish

I really don’t wanna complain about the weather, but Shanghai can be cold miserable place in the winter and an awful hot humid hell in the summer. Which actually could be perfectly tolerable, except that spring and fall are ridiculously short.

This year has been nice in that winter was long and up until today things have been alright. Today however it’s finally hot and humid and I’m not ready for it. I may end up turning on the air conditioning tonight just so I can sleep. The smells of the city are ripening and my clothes are starting to stick and it never really feels like I’ve stepped out of the shower.

I’m not ready just yet for the summer as much as I hated the winter. It’s just there aren’t any beaches near by and diesel fumes seem much more tolerable when it’s freezing outside than when it’s boiling.

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