Tea in a Basket

Tea & Food Pairings

May 4th, 2010 in Tea by Jason 0

Ambivalence is the pull of multiple forces tugging you in different directions. I usually feel that nice teas don’t hang around with foods. But if Louis Jordan can reconcile beans and cornbread, I guess tea and food can go hand-in-hand as well. I recall my own successful experiments with Skittles and a medium-roasted tie guan [...]

Tea Classics: Dragonwell

Tea Classics: Dragonwell

April 20th, 2010 in Tea by Jason 1

Other names: Longjing Long Ching, Lung Ching, or other combinations of these spellings Origin: Hangzhou area of Zhejiang Province China Liquor: Bright yellow color with faint green tinge Rich aromas of evoking rice, cashew, and bok choy notes Light-to-medium astringency Light brothy texture Pair it with: Poultry- The rice and nutty notes often go well [...]